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Our Farm To Table Concept

Faithful to the increasing popular Farm to Table movement and keen to honor the marvelous abundance of the island, Barozzi Naxos restaurant creates dishes revealing unknown aspects of the island. Naxos of the four seasons, exquisite beauty and profuse production, which has been thriving incessantly since antiquity.

In Barozzi Naxos restaurant, local produce (fruit, vegetables, plants and herbs, meat and cheese) is daily sourced by the chefs from specific farms to be used for the preparation of the select dishes. The menu is designed by Gikas Xenakis, one of the best young Greek chefs, and performed by chef Kostas Votanos, bringing to our plates the hidden messages of the Naxian terroir: the land, the climate and the saltiness of the sea that caresses the island.

Local materials are also used at the bar, where Christos Houseas, one of the most imaginative Greek mixologists, has created a series of signature cocktails to initiate visitors into the tastes and flavours of Cyclades.

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