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Our Degustation Menus

Imagine tasting a fine range of dishes as part of an extraordinary culinary experience. We prepared two such experiences for you.

To further its high-end offerings, Barozzi has now launched a degustation menu, providing customers with an enticing opportunity to sample the comprehensive menu, as part of a true dining experience.

Five Courses Degustation Menu

Fresh Crab: zucchini mash, pickled turnips, sea greens, and lemongrass 

Dolmadakia: Naxian beef tartar, vine leaf chips in a light lemon, egg sauce and dill-infused oil

Sea Bass: Encrusted in artisanal bread, carrot puree, wild greens, and a light saffron sauce

Naxos Goat: Eggplant cream, lime, and a goat cheese croquette

Walnut Pie: Tonka bean, wild cherries juice, and bitter almond ice cream 

Price per person: 65€

Seven Courses Degustation Menu

Sea Bass: Marinated in watermelon and lime juice, chili and fresh coriander

Shrimps: Beetroot cream, feta cheese, and a light lemon and thyme foam

Dolmadakia: Naxian beef tartar, vine leaf chips in a light lemon and egg sauce and dill-infused oil

White Grouper: Broken potatoes, shellfish, green beans, and fish broth

Ravioli: With Naxian rabbit and Morchella mushrooms, a cream with aged graviera cheese and tarragon oil

Pork Collar: Slow cooked for 24 hours, with Naxos sweet potatoes purée, peaches, and green olives

Ivoire: Mastic cream, grilled apricots, Naxos lime juice, apricot sorbet

Price per person: 85€

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