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Chef is the mastermind behind the Menu of Barozzi Restaurant & Cocktail Bar.


Sea Bass
Marinated in watermelon and lime juice, chili and fresh coriander
Naxian beef tartar, vine leaf chips in a light lemon and egg sauce and dill-infused oil
Artichokes cream, artichoke croquette and salami from Lefkada
Beetroot cream, feta cheese and a light lemon and thyme foam
Fresh Crab
Zucchini mash, pickled turnips, sea greens and lemongrass
Encrusted in sourdough bread, steamed spinach and a sauce with aged Arseniko cheese from Naxos


Rocket - Spinach
Orange vinegrette, goat cheese on potato crust, hazel and lavender honey


Sea Bass
Encrusted in artisanal bread, carrot puree, wild greens and a light saffron sauce
White Grouper
Broken potatoes, shellfish, green beans and fish broth
Greek Gemista Risotto
With whipped feta cream, roasted cherry tomatoes, peppers and spearmint chips
With shrimp, fennel and Trikalinos bottarga
With Naxian rabbit and morchella mushrooms, a cream with aged graviera cheese and tarragon oil
Beef Fillet
Mushroom puree, grilled carrots, in a pepper and sweet Vinsanto wine sauce
Pork Collar
Slow-cooked for 24 hours, with Naxos sweet potatoes, peaches and green olives
Naxos Goat
Eggplant cream, lime and a goat cheese croquette


Mastiha cream, grilled apricots, Naxos lime juice, apricot sorbet
Choco Dark
Bitter chocolate, red fruit jelly, spiced ice-cream and fresh berries
Walnut Pie
Tonka bean cream, wild cherries juice and bitter almond ice-cream
Per two persons
Market regulator: Dionisis Alibertis

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