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‘MIKRI KOUTELA’, 2012, {Mavro Potamisi - Pariano}
Xydakis Garden, Koutela - MYKONOS
Paros reserve, Dry Red, Protected Designation of Origin Paros
Moraitis winery, Paros - Bright ruby color with vivid garnet reflections. Chocolate covered black cherry and kirsch flavors with notes of ripe plum and vanilla. On the palate it has a rich, smooth and round feel with a peppery aftertaste.
‘MAVROTRAGANO’, P.G.I. Cyclades, 2016, {Mavrotragano 100%}
Artemis Karamolegos Winery, Exo Gonia – SANTORINI - Ripe nose offering black fruit, liquorice, chocolate and white pepper along with earthy notes and aromatic herbs. Opulent and strong on palate with solid but ripe tannins and finesse. A dense wine with excellent ageing potential. Decanting is suggested in order to breath and open up. Served at 16-18°C. Delicious match with prime steaks medium cooked but also perfect with dishes based on meat with sauces, mature yellow cheeses or charcuterie.
TERRA NERA red, PGI Cyclades, Mandilaria 100%
Artemis Karamolegos Winery, Exo Gonia – SANTORINI - Youthful nose with red fruit aromas, beautifully combined with spices and Mediterranean herbs. Stylish and immediate on the palate combining high freshness, crispy fruit, tannic firm structure and elegant personality.


Domaine Tranampelo, Glinado – NAXOS ‘
TRANAMPELO’, Naxos, 2017, {Potamisia – Monemvasia – Mandilaria}
‘MOSCATO SPINAS’, P.G.I. Crete, 2017, {Muscat of Spina 100%}
Domaine Paterianaki - Moschato Spinas is an an extremely rare indigenous wine variety grown at Paterianakis Domaine.The colour is soft yellow with green hints.Is distinguished from its plentiful varietal and blooming Character of white flowers,soft and fresh rose petals, jasmine and violet.The elegant and harmonious mouthfeel in combination with the dominant Muscat sweet notes make it a pleasant and refreshing choice.
‘FINE AM’, Avdrira – Thrace, 2016, {Assyrtiko – Malaguzia} BIO
Anatolikos Vineyardsm - Re-fermentation at low temperature and fermentation in oak barrels of 225 liters openly with indigenous yeasts, long fermentation at controlled temperature. Maturing with lees for six months in French oak barrels. It is being bottled unfiltered and without any other treatment.Gold and blonde color with green highlights discreet presence barrel with elegant aromas of vanilla and butter intense and complex bouquet of citrus, quince, honeycomb and as dematerializes releases flowers and yellow fruits.treatment. 14 % vol,
‘VINSANTO’, P.D.O. Santorini, 2008, {Asyrtiko –Athiri & Aidani}
Artemis Karamolegos Winery - Dense and complex aromas of dried fruits, chocolate, caramel, espresso coffee and nuts. Luscious on the palate, yet not cloying with “kicking” acidity levels. Exuberant and complex lingering finish. This mahogany colored wine-elixir concentrates all the special traits of Santorini’s unique terroir. Served at 7-9°C. You can enjoy it on its own after a lovely dinner. But it will be a heavenly-made pairing with chocolate desserts, crème brûlée and greek “baklava” or semolina halva. It will also greatly withstand the antithesis of serving it next to savory dishes such as Roquefort, kopanisti or matured graviera cheese, quiche lorraine or even with prosciutto and dried figs.
SANTORINI, PDO Santorini, 90 % Assyrtiko, 10% of Athiri and Aidani
Artemis Karamolegos Winery - Elegant nose dominated by the aromas of fruits (stone fruits, citrus fruits) and stony minerality (wet sea rocks). Notes of flowers like jasmine and herbal like mint derived from the percentage of Athiri-Aidani giving in this way many layers of flavor. Complex, elegant and vivid on the palate with depth of fruit, freshness and density.


‘ROSE’, P.G.I. Cyclades, 2017, {Mavro Aidani 100%}
Domaine Moraitis, Naousa – PAROS - Bright rose color with vivid red reflections. Intense aromas of red fruits, strawberries and cherries. Rich and harmonious on the palate with crisp acidity and a trace of strawberry tart on the finish. Pasta, salads and fruitsBest served at 10 o C.


MYSTIRIO/14, PDO Santorini, Variety: Assyrtiko 100%
Artemis Karamolegos Winery - Intense nose, special, revealing another aspect of Santorini's character. Herbal notes like chamomile, peppermint and black tea and spices like cardamom and coriander are perceived first. Mineral notes and fruity hints of pear and bergamot, indicate directly its origin. Structured and generous mouthfeel with firm tannins balanced by the richness and the volume of the wine. Long aftertaste with salinity and a spicy finish. Ageing potential: We don’t know exactly yet due to the nature of the wine and the fact that it's just the first vintage. Based on what we taste, we consider that under good storage conditions the wine can develop a unique character for the next 5 years. Serving and food pairing: Decanting is necessary for at least an hour, in order to breath and open up its complicated character. Can be served at 13-15oC in an big glass of Riesling type , highlighting a wide variety of dishes; particularly due to its orange nature and to the presence of soft tannins it is a match with fish, as good as with meat.

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