Best Naxos Beaches to Visit in this Cycladic Island

Being an island, Naxos has an infinite number of beaches. Indeed, just about every other point along its strand is a beach.

This notwithstanding, there are a number of outstanding beaches which stand apart from the others in all regards. We have seen it necessary to aid you in getting to know these beaches. Such an insight we believe will go a long way in helping you to schedule a visit to the island successfully.

In our search for the top beaches, we focused mostly on those that have great swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and resting opportunities. Regardless of your interest, you may be sure to find at least one which mirrors your likes and passions. They are hence the better options for a tour or a visit. Read on to get to know more about them in the conversations that follow, and don’t forget to visit Barozzi Naxos, in Chora for your culinary experience.

The Best Beaches of Naxos island


This small beach is located in an area that is protected by law. Unlike the waters of other beaches, the ones of this beach are not blue or clear but green in color. This is because the area has a large colony of marine algae that is why it is in fact protected by law.

Panermos beach is a place to detach to purely for relaxation and sightseeing. Its sandy beach provides some breathtaking ambiance indeed. Moreover, it is also surrounded by some wild and secluded natural landscapes. These two are great for sightseeing. If you constantly quarrel with your spouse or have encountered some emotional setbacks in the past, this is a place to retreat to iron out your differences. The calm and relaxing nature will provide you the space you need to dissipate the buildup of stress. You will come out more bonded than when you got in.


Agiassos is a pretty amazing, clean, and long beach. It is also adorned with yellow sand whereas its adjacent waters are transparent. Several tourism companies set up base here. They provide some umbrellas, shades, and beach seats for your use. In light of this, the beach is a nice place to relax in. One other striking feature about this beach is the fact that it is detached from the populated center. You will have to travel some 25 km away from the capital, Chora to get here. This detachment gives you some space to enjoy some quiet times. Though not really optimized for swimming, the shallow waters will definitely provide you some head start in matters swimming. Only make sure that you do not dive too deep as this might you’re your head some unnecessary concussions. In all, Agiassos is the place to be in the hot summer.

RO Beach

RO beach is a lovely place to be. It is on the whole quiet and beautiful to behold. That is because it is located in some small yet picturesque bay. Unlike most other beaches, this one is not under any jurisdiction at all. It is hence easier and cheaper to access. For your own safety, you want to be sure that you limit your visit to the place only at such times when it is safe.

These are the daylight hours and mostly in the company of others. Its lack of central organization, however, gives you some leeway to do as you may wish without any restrictions. Even though you have the freedom to do as many activities as possible on this beach, it is mostly great for relaxation matters. That is because it is hardly frequented by visitors and also owing to its secluded nature.


Do you have any minors in your entourage? If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, you might want to try the Pyrgaki beach. This amazingly beautiful beach comprises some fine sands and is mainly suited for the children. As a matter of fact, you will usually find many children in the area on any typical day. When compared to most other beaches, this one is calm and serene indeed. Two factors inform this. The first is that it is located a whopping 20 km away from the harbor. The second is that it is mostly patronized by the young ones. To let your young ones make the most of what the beach has to offer, it is in your best interest to carry along some toys. You might never also have enough time to bond with your juniors. Take advantage of your stay here to play with them to the fullest.


Are you a watersport enthusiast? You have this Alyko Beach for your consideration. The beach is detached, surrounded by amazing forests, generally quiet, and provides some picturesque views of the adjacent Aegean waters. Carry along with you the requisite swimming and sporting gears. Examples of these include swimming suit and diving costumes.

Some of the sporting activities you might engage in while there are deep sea diving, snorkeling, and underwater photography. If water sporting is not your thing, do not despair. This beach has you yet again well taken care of. As you stroll along the length of the strand, the sweet calming breeze of the adjacent sea shall constantly bombard you. In the course of so doing, you will experience some calming and stress relief. The end result is some relaxation and unwinding which may never be achievable elsewhere.

Mikri Vigla

As stated in the beginning, the island of Naxos has many beaches. Of all these beaches, the Mikri Vigla clearly tops the list. Located in the southwesterly portion of the island, this beach comprises some two wonderful constituent beaches. It stands tall by being suited to just about every other water and beach related activity. This means it is a ‘one stop shop’ solution to all of your beach and water-related activities. Some two activities, however, stand apart from the others. These are photography and artistry. Many who have visited the place have marveled its beauty, breathtaking shorelines, and the adjacent clear blue waters.

That it is adorned with numerous accommodation facilities further makes it a convenient place to set foot on. It is mainly ideal for whole family visits.


While most beaches are meant for water sport and other related activities, Lionas stands apart. It is in the form of a beachside settlement. Unlike your ordinary settlement, this one has its roots from the days of yore. The architecture used, the size of the streets and the layout of the entire settlement are endemic to the island. Because of this, you should visit here if you just want to ‘travel back in time’ to the good old days when the island and indeed the entire Greek civilization thrived. While at it, take a walk in its narrow streets, capture some photos, and even speak to the locals. You will truly live to cherish your every moment here. Also, spare some money to eat various local cuisines. Remember, the Mediterranean diet is touted as one of the healthiest on the planet. You never know, you might extend your lifespan by a day.


Just in case you happen to have too much time at your disposal, you want to retreat to Moutsouna. This is no ordinary beach. It is, in fact, a harbor-cum-resort in that it embodies both traits at a time. The area is home to a couple of resorts and other accommodation facilities. You will need some sufficient amounts of money to be able to make the most of this vital resource.

That is because these accommodations facilities do come at a price. All in all, though, the area is very quiet and comes in the form of some successive sandy coves. Some of the top things to do while here is a wedding honeymoon, family retreat, and ‘home away from home’ experience. Arm yourself with a digital camera to capture and memorialize the good times you will have here.

Psili Ammos

Psili Ammos is a small sandy beach. It is found in the southeasterly portion of the island of Naxos. All factors considered, this beach is truly beautiful and as such offers some breathtaking views and photography opportunities. It is also located some 42 km from Chora, which means it is detached. Just like many other secluded locations, this beach is also mostly great for binding and revitalization purposes. The cool, serene, quiet, and detached ambiance greatly aids in emotional rejuvenation. Also, the shores are constantly hit by the cool breezes that originate from the ocean.

This is a place to visit and retreat to purely to relax. It is subsequently great for the couples who may from time to time want to separate and enjoy their time in the absence of their children. The same case applies to those who have squeezed and congested lifestyles.

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios beach is the closest to the downtown Chora. It is only 5km away from the city and comprises some deep turquoise waters. Its strand is adorned with some thick white sands which add to the beauty and appearance thereof. Many like it due to its proximity to the Naxos major town. Many past visitors have noted that its location is excellent indeed. This is understandable because, in most instances, you will only have to walk not take a taxi or ride to the venue. The area in and around the beach is adorned with many great accommodation facilities.

Generally speaking, this is a place to be if you just want to sleep overnight in a location that is cool and picturesque. Select your hotel room carefully, to end up with one with a balcony that overlooks the ocean. You will behold some ships and breathtaking seas.

Agia Anna

Agia Anna is not a beach in its own right. Instead, it is a continuation of Agios Prokopios beach. For this reason, the beach is very busy. It is also frequented by visitors and tourists both from within and without the island. Its waters are clear while it is also constantly bombarded with gentle breezes from the sea. In all, the beach comes in the form of some secluded, sheltered, and clean white sandy environment. Due to its crowded nature, we do not recommend that you swim or sunbathe. Instead, just sit next to the beach and gaze the breathtaking shoreline.

Along the beachline is some great accommodation facilities. These range from hotels to resorts to lodgings. After you are through with all you might want, it is necessary that you retreat to any of these and complete your time there.


If all you are looking for is to retreat from the congested urban lifestyles, Apollonas beach is the place to retreat to. It is located some 36 km from Charo, the island’s capital. In all, the destination is very beautiful and is mostly a fishing village. You will truly fall in love with its shoreline and horizon. The beach is mainly great for sunbathing and swimming.

That is because they are safe, sheltered from the harsh breezes and exposes you to the weather elements like sunshine. It also experiences some cool breezes which have relaxing impacts on your skin.

The fascination of this beach does not stop there. Numerous restaurants dot the shoreline. They mostly serve Mediterranean diets which are known to be healthy and life-prolonging. After swimming, pop into any of them to eat. You will truly enjoy your time.

As has already been stated, these beaches are not all that the wonderful island of Naxos has to offer.

You definitely want to spend some of your time in at least one of the beaches we have discussed, don’t you?

This can only happen if you schedule a visit to this destination within the shortest time possible.

When you plan to do so? Who will you be traveling with? Would you recommend this information to any of your friend or peer?

Have fun at Naxos Beaches!